Heartland Highways
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Lori Casey

I am a native of Minnesota and grew up in the small town of Redwood Falls, population 5000. My dad purchased a camcorder when they first came out and I loved shooting video. Little did I know I would be doing this for a living!

I spent 13 years at a small public television station in Austin, Minn., where I started a show similar to Heartland Highways. Interestingly enough, it was called History of the Heartland. After coming to WEIU-TV in 2002, I was asked to start an Illinois travel show. I was so excited about traveling the state and seeing new places and meeting new people.

I can’t believe we are in our 11th year of production on the show. When I first started out, no one had heard of WEIU-TV or the show. It took a few years and finally things took off. Sometimes when I am in the checkout lane at Walmart, someone will ask: “Are you the Heartland Highways lady?” What a joy to be part of a show people watch and enjoy.

Since partnering with RFD-TV in 2003, the show has grown even more in popularity. I’ve talked to so many nice viewers from across the country. One of the great things for me is that my family and my husband’s family back in Minnesota can watch the show too.

I'm especially excited about this new season, because most of the stories were close to our home base of Charleston, Ill. This season was an excellent opportunity for us to feature the great people and places right here in our our backyard.

When I'm not working I enjoy gardening and am an avid cyclist. I enjoy seeing this great land of ours from my road bike and with a great group of cycling friends.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the show.